Fine Dining and Sensual Pleasures


Whether you’d like to celebrate a special occasion, such as your birthday, a holiday, a business success, or you simply want to enjoy an exciting evening with a delectable companion, it would be my absolute pleasure to accompany you to a restaurant of your choice on an intimate ‘Fine Dining and Sensual Pleasures Date’. 

Treat yourself! Let’s enjoy ourselves, have a lovely conversation and share a laugh together, while delighting in a delicious lunch or dinner with your favourite refreshment. Feel youthful again in the company of a friendly and classy blonde woman!

As with all dates, one thing is bound to lead to another, and we’ll kiss and cuddle before we spice things up behind closed doors and enjoy our private sexual delights in the hotel room.


Delicious Lunch or Dinner and Intimacy

3 Hours:.......................... $1800

An Elegant Dinner and Intimacy

4 Hours:...........................$2400 

Extended Enchantment Dinner with Dessert and Intimacy

5 Hours: ..........................$3000

*** Approximately half of our time together will be spent in public, in a nice restaurant.

Dinner Date Photos 

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I absolutely love Dinner Dates! I really enjoy getting ready and get very excited about the thought of meeting you! With only the finest French lingerie underneath, I’ll slip into a nice designer dress, roll silk stockings up my creamy smooth legs, and add a tingly spray of perfume to heighten my senses.




My adrenaline will be going through the roof as the time for our date gets closer. When we meet, it will be just like two lovers catching up, full of excitement, my heart pumping. We'll meet at the hotel first and go to the restaurant together.




After casual introductions, we’ll enjoy a glass of refreshment at a trendy bar near the restaurant. I will be interested to hear about your interests, hobbies and the places you have visited around the world. I have wide range of interests; you can get to know me a bit more before we meet by reading my "Get up close and personal with Heidi” blog.




We'll move from the bar to the restaurant, where we’ll select the finest meticulously prepared entrée, main meal and dessert… savouring every bite, sharing a laugh as the sexual tension builds between us. My sexy accent will arouse your imagination as I murmur sweet nothings, while you look at me across the table, undressing me with your eyes, wondering ‘what lingerie is she wearing underneath’? But not just yet... we’ll have to wait until after dinner to undress each other!




After our delicious dinner, we'll go back to the divine hotel room, where we just can't wait to undress each other! We'll enjoy a relaxed but emotionally intense sexual experience followed by a sensual full-body massage for your deep relaxation. There is no need to rush; we’ll take our time. We can even enjoy a relaxing bubble bath or sexy shower if you like. 

Please check ‘what we can enjoy together behind closed doors’ on my ‘Boundaries and Opportunities’ page before you contact me, to make sure it is all okay with you. 



At the end of our enchanted dinner and wonderful evening, we'll say goodbye, sealed with a kiss to remember, and I will take a taxi home. I will be thinking of you and will be waiting for you to contact me again, and it is really my hope that you will.


You too can book a luxury Dinner Date with an exquisite companion that will remain in your memories for years to come. Treat yourself and let’s make it a reality  

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