Fly Me To You 



Although I am based in Sydney, if you can't get to Sydney easily and really would like to meet me, then we can arrange a 'Fly Me To You' date for any day suitable for both of us! I can travel to meet you exclusively anywhere in Australia where escort services are legal. Going on a date is always super exciting! Let’s enjoy a delicious dinner and sensual pleasures. Relax and rejuvenate in the company of a European blonde!

I am so looking forward to coming to meet you! 

In the lead up to our date, I will be very excited, thinking of you all the time! We will have a delicious dinner date organised for the evening too! 

When I will arrive in your city, I will check into my upmarket hotel at around 3pm and take an hour to rest before I start getting ready.

dinner web.jpg

I will meet you at around 5 or 6pm at my hotel and we will start our evening with a delicious refreshment at the bar before we take a seat in the restaurant.

It will be so nice to see you again or to meet you at first time! We'll choose a delicious dinner from the menu. What is your favourite food? 

The sexual tension will build up slowly as you imagine what ‘she could be wearing under that pretty dress’, but we'll just have to wait for our dessert a little longer!


After dinner it will be time to kick back and relax. Perhaps enjoy a bubble bath or a sexy shower for two before we enjoy more sexual pleasures.

We'll take our time, there is no need to rush! Enjoy the delicious pleasures that you so deeply desire and deserve! 

Our date will finish at no later than 11pm, when we'll say goodbye till next time! 


5 Hour 'Fly Me To You' Dinner Date:........................... $3000


  • Gratitude for my time for the evening 

  • Upmarket hotel accomodation for the duration of the booking 


Additional expenses:

My travel / flight  expenses as well as food and drinks at the restaurant are kindly covered by the client. 

Please note:

I don't provide overnight entertainment and companionship. I will need a restful night sleep in the privacy and comfort of my own hotel room.


Please get in touch via e-mail: 

A 50% deposit is required to confirm a date. 


Longer dates can be arranged for our second date. 

How about:

  • Sightseeing - show me around your city 

  • How about a night at the theatre? Would you like an elegant companion to accompany you to watch a show?

  • I enjoy walking and visiting nature and National Parks

  • Perhaps we can sit in a hot spa at the hotel or have a refreshing splash at the pool....

  We can plan all of this after our first date!

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