Do you enjoy your job?

Yes I do! I love meeting with new fun, friendly and interesting people. I always get an adrenaline rush before a date. I genuinely enjoy my work and sometimes I forget it’s a job! 

My work has given me the opportunity to meet some lovely gentlemen. Since I have started working in the industry, I have developed a ‘sixth sense’ to profile gentleman very quickly and choose potential clients whom I would like to meet. All of my clients are polite, reliable and overall nice people with whom I genuinely enjoy spending time.

I always get so excited before a booking, I have so much fun getting ready and making myself beautiful. I am a true girly girl who enjoys slipping into a nice dress, making my hair look nice, and preparing my makeup. I love rolling silk stockings up my creamy, smooth legs and spraying myself with perfume – it gives me tingles and heightens my senses.

I greet my clients with open arms and a friendly smile. When we meet, it will be just like two lovers catching up. Every client is different, some are more private, which I respect; and others enjoy a good chat and sharing certain things about their lives with me that they would not share with others – this makes me feel very special. 

Our time together is all about fun, relaxation and of course sensual pleasures. I hope you are ready to be pampered, sexually stimulated, and spoiled! During our booking, I will be exclusively for your eyes only and you will receive my undivided attention, kind compassionate care, and warm sensual touch. I feel privileged when a satisfied client contacts me and wishes to return – it makes me feel appreciated.

If we haven't met before, please don't hesitate to contact me – let's begin an erotic journey together. 




What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy having plenty of free time and maintaining a healthy work/life balance! I love yoga, bushwalking, and I try to stick to a regular workout routine (as we all do, lol!) at the gym. I like eating out, seafood and good wine is my favourite, and I sometimes indulge in a sweet treat. I especially like escaping to a tropical location with plenty of palm trees! I have wide interests and enjoy studying counselling / psychology, personal training and business.



Do you ever get compared to any celebrities?

Gentlemen like my accent and they occasionally comment that I sound like the sexy Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. They particularly like how I pronounce ‘darling’ as Zsa Zsa did :-)


I see many beautiful girls on various websites, but their natural services really turn me off. You seem to be different, why is that?

Many escorts offer natural services, which increases their prices, and they probably believe the reward is worth the risk. It is their choice to do whatever they like, but that is not my business and I have nothing against them. My top priority is my health, as well as your own.

New clients who come to see me emphasise how important it is for them to find a lady who practices safe sex (including safe oral sex). People are free to choose whether to play safe or not – my choice is to play safe.

Before I started my escorting career, I attended my local sexual health clinic and asked the nurse which sexual activities would put my health at risk – I went home with a folder full of paperwork to study safe sex practices in detail and understand the consequences of compromising my sexual health. I always practice safe sex and get health tests regularly – the results always come back negative, as expected. So, if you are like me and prefer to play safe, I would love to pamper you with sensual pleasures.


More info about Oral Sex safety:




Can I book you for an overnight date?

No, sorry. I prefer daytime and early evening bookings. The latest I can offer any 2-hour date would be from 8-10pm, and Dinner Dates should finish by around 11pm. 


Have you written this website copy?

Yes, I created all the content on my website. However, I received assistance from a local editor/proof-reader. I grew up in Hungary and arrived in Australia as a young adult. I went to university in Sydney, so my English is pretty much perfect. But since English is my second (actually fourth) language, I thought it would be best if a native English speaker edits my web copy.