A Time of Cleansing

Hello there,

How are you doing? I am feeling good and I think things might be over sooner than expected. I am very much looking forward to returning to work and enjoying quality time with my clients!

I've spent the past few weeks while at home in lockdown productively. I have done great cleansing inside my house with my 'paperwork', as well as my body and my mind. Huh… sounds like a handful, right? Yes, I have done great cleansing work!

I started 'lockdown' with a big spring clean, everything is now looking very nice at home! I have exercised more as well. In my exercise routine I used to start with 3x7 push-ups, now I am able to do 5x10! What a great improvement! I have been eating more healthy food too, which I normally don’t have time to prepare, and daily eating a large salad and steamed veggies. My 'paperwork / business admin' is also done!

Also, while being at home and stopping work things came up… emotional things and feelings. Normally, I am so busy in my daily life that those old things and feelings are pushed away and suppressed. But now they started to re-surface. What I did is let those feelings / emotions come up, I wrote them down, made an appointment with a psychologist, and then met up to talk through it all – I have found it very therapeutic! I consider myself well-balanced and happy. When things from the past come up in our lives, it can take courage to face them, but it's worth it.

I have also finished updating my website: www.eliteheidirose.com. Feel free to check it out if you like! Also feel free to sign up to my 'newsletter’ if you’d like to stay in touch with me!

I am now very much looking forward to coming back to work! I hope to see you sometime!

Kind Regards, Heidi Rose xx

Miss Heidi Rose

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