Executive Sexual Relaxation – Success Story

Hi there, I saw John (I've changed his name for privacy reasons, John is not his real name) the other day for an 'Executive Sexual Relaxation' Date. I enjoy catching up with John, it was our third meeting and every date is just getting better and better. Sexual relaxation is our main focus when we meet, rejuvenating him so he can return to work with renewed energy! John works hard, he is a 'Big Boss' of a big company and travels to Sydney for work on a regular basis.  He already has a hotel booking, so conveniently (for no extra cost) I travel to him by prearranged appointment at any day of the week suitable for both of us. We met on Saturday afternoon this time.  I do offer 1 hour extra social time; such as catching up for a coffee first, for no extra cost of my time, prior to a date as some people (including me!) enjoy a slow start up to a date. But John prefers not to add that extra hour of social time and that is fine too. He is a private person and I can totally tune into his needs. We just keep the initial few minutes chat light. We both enjoy keeping fit. He likes bike riding and running, and I enjoy bushwalking and going to the gym. (I never ask personal questions about anyone unless they wish to talk about it.)  John looks after his health and practises ‘self care’. He recharges by enjoying a deeply relaxing sexual enhancement that revitalises him. He likes seeing me wearing a sexy secretary outfit, as behind closed doors he can live out and enjoy things that he can’t do at work with his colleagues! He is a bit of a lingerie connoisseur too and he enjoys seeing me in variety of sexy lacy lingerie. I am happy to tailor the experience to suit his needs.  We get on really well and we know each other’s bodies and needs, and we know what works. After only just a few minutes chatting, we indulge in the delights of foreplay and erotic positions that take us to new heights of sensual pleasure. Afterwards, he enjoys a full body massage for his ultimate relaxation. Meeting with me leaves John fully relaxed and he is ready for another big week ahead! I love my 'job'! In fact sometimes I forget it is a 'job'. I feel truly happy when a client is satisfied and happy.  I do hope to meet you too one day! If you’d like more info about my 'Executive Sexual Relaxation Date' you can read more here: www.eliteheidirose.com/executiverelaxation If you are ready to make a booking, please feel free to fill out this form: www.eliteheidirose.com/bookingsydney If you just would like to 'say hello' this is my preferred way of you getting in touch with me: www.eliteheidirose.com/touchbase Cheers, Heidi xx

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