Greetings from Sydney’s Lockdown

Hi there,

Greetings from Sydney’s lockdown! This is just a quick note to touch base and say ‘hello’. I hope you have been well.

I am in Sydney, and unfortunately it looks like we’ll be in lockdown for a few more weeks, although I would have much preferred to be in beautiful sunny Brisbane right now, as originally planned! Instead, I am adapting to the new lockdown situation quickly, finding ways to use my time efficiently, and looking to the future in an optimistic way. I’ll be entertaining myself with studying, exercising and healthy cooking.

In particular, I have enrolled in a couple of online courses. I always like to learn something new and interesting. Business and counselling subjects particularly interest me. Zoom makes it so easy to connect with others in an online classroom!

I also created an exercise plan using my lounge room as a home gym. I started on Monday and I can already feel my arms from the pushups. Lol! Luckily there are plenty of bushwalking tracks in my ‘backyard’ too. I really enjoy being out in nature and going for walks. I posted a few pics on Twitter and Instagram showing my recent outdoor adventures.

My passion is quick and easy healthy food and now there is no excuse not to stick to it! Steamed veggies and salmon is what I cook most evenings.

Like everyone else in Sydney, I am also looking forward to lockdown finishing so I can start travelling again and catch up with you! Brisbane will be the first city I visit. I had a tour planned for July but had to cancel due to lockdown. I had pre-booked dates that were kindly confirmed with a deposit each. I have promptly refunded those deposits, because you can expect nothing less from me as an established high-class companion.

This will be true for all future tours. Clients can confidently pre-book a date with me knowing that, if by any chance I can't travel due to Covid, they will get a refund promptly.

Perth will be the second city on my list. It will be my first time visiting Perth. I would love to travel West, combining my escort tour with sightseeing. I have never been to Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin or Townsville, but would definitely like to go one day, hopefully sometime later this year.

I have so much fun planned for us when we meet! Just a quick reminder about the experiences I offer…

My specialty – what I truly enjoy and where I really shine the most – is my 5-hour Intimacy / Sex / Dating coaching date, designed for clients who are single, separated or divorced, who would like to get their confidence back in dating. These dates are truly special. When you make a booking with me, you will enjoy a VIP 5-star unrushed service. Our date will start with in-room dining – High Tea for Two is my favourite! You can read more about this experience here:

My other specialty is a 5-hour Extended Enchantment Dinner with Dessert Date. You can read more about this here:

I would kindly like to remind guys who like porn-star experiences to please unfollow me, as we are not a match.

As you can see, I don’t cater for the ‘mass market’. I am not for everyone, only for a very few select gentlemen.

Well, that is it for now. I regularly post updates and selfies on Twitter and Instagram. Please feel free to follow me if you like!



Also if you’d like, feel free to drop me an e-mail to say hello:

Much Love, Heidi xx