High tea & sensual pleasures – Sydney date idea

Sometimes we just need to forget about everyday life and do something really enjoyable. Let me tell you about a delicious and sexy date idea I have for us!

We’ll meet at one of Sydney’s nicest hotels. Across the luxurious room, chilling on the table, will be a bottle of delicious champagne and a sumptuous high tea. I’ll lead you over, invite you to sit, help you unwind and relax, we’ll nibble at delicacies and sip refreshing bubbles, enjoying our decadent surroundings.

As we relish this opulent chance to indulge ourselves, we’ll chat, getting to know each other a little bit, or catching up if we’ve met before. Slowly, your relaxation will shift into sensual thoughts and a sexual tension will build between us. Comfortable, and aroused, our bodies will touch, entwine and we’ll delight in erotic pleasure, switching between sexual positions until we’re entirely fulfilled and released. For your ultimate relaxation, I’ll give you a full body massage, and the only question on your mind will be: when can we do this again?

You can certainly stay longer if you’d like, we’ll have had such a great time together you should be aware that you might like to!

Escape into indulgence with a well-deserved and relaxing erotic encounter with me.

I am very much looking forward to our deliciously sexy date!

Arrange a date: https://www.eliteheidirose.com/bookingsydney

Much love, Heidi xx

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