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Let's Make It Happen!

When we meet you will receive my undivided attention in an unforgettable VIP experience! In fact, I hope our first date will only be the start, and that we'll meet again to continue our safe and beautiful friendship, sealed with a kiss to remember. I can't wait to meet you!  I look forward to that first kiss with you... 

    Magical intimacy with Heidi

    An unknown follower on Twitter recently sent me a question via private message: "Heidi, I enjoy reading your blogs on Scarlet Blue, but I am just wondering what is the intimacy (sex) like with you?". Since he reads my blogs, I may as well reply here in case other gentlemen are also interested! Every booking is different and every person is different, we all have different needs. I usually have an awesome time with my clients because the ones who come to see me have already read my profile, so know a little bit about me, the type of person I am, and 'the list' of what is may or may not be included during our time together. They understand both the opportunities and boundaries before making a booking with me. I have many wonderful returning clients and some describe their time with me as, "The absolute best and the most magical time they have ever had in their life's", and they keep coming back to see me over and over again. Another wonderful gentleman who I saw recently for 3 hours described his experience with me as a, "very relaxed but emotionally intense and passionate experience". My clients also say they get a lot more out of our booking than just awesome sex! They enjoy the human connection and the friendly, non-judgmental and non-intimidating atmosphere I provide. Many of my wonderful clients actually come back to see me because of this. We celebrate birthdays together, talk about relationships and holidays, and just have a really nice time. They enjoy the connection with me and of course they enjoy the intimacy. I very much enjoy making magic happen... who knows, we might create magic together? Much Love, Heidi xx

    Miss Heidi Rose Sydney