Intimacy / Sexual / Dating Coaching – Success Story!

I’d like to tell you about another Intimacy / Sexual / Dating Coaching – Success Story.

I met with Tim this evening (I have changed his name for privacy reasons) for a 3-Hour Incall – Intimacy Date.

Tim is in his late 50s and was married for about 30 years and has been divorced for over 2 years now. He said he is ready to start dating again, but is a little worried about the intimacy side of things as he hasn’t been intimate with anyone for a very long time. He wanted to build up his confidence.

He saw my ad on Scarlet Blue and contacted me via SMS. I sent him the link to the booking page on my website and he filled it out. We arranged a time for chat on the phone and, after we confirmed the booking details, within 5 minutes he sent me the screenshot of his payment, which came through right away. Perfect! I booked a nice incall location for us in Manly and I sent the screenshot of my hotel booking back within 5 minutes. So, within 10 minutes of talking to each other, the booking was confirmed and the incall location was booked!

Tim lives about 1.5 hours from Sydney but he didn’t feel comfortable seeing me in his own town as he knows too many people there, so we arranged an incall location far from where he lives. We choose Manly. I booked the nicest hotel in Manly and I booked the nicest room with an ocean view, living up to my slogan 'Heidi Rose – When Only The Best Will Do!'

I now offer flexible availability and exclusive incall / outcall at any location / day / time suitable for both of us! Any upmarket incall location I book is for 1 client only, so my clients can be assured that I am and the room is fresh only and exclusively for him and that there won’t be in and out traffic / other clients coming out of my room. My clients and I prefer quality over quantity! I see a very limited number of clients and I give them my undivided attention.

I was very excited all day about meeting Tim, I was thinking what should I wear? I wore a nice long classy dress and high heeled boots (check out my Insta for everyday photos), wearing a nice red lingerie and stay up stockings with a garter belt underneath. I truly felt sexy! I also bought a bottle of bubbly and some strawberries as a small gift for him.

I checked into my incall at around 3pm. We met at the hotel’s café at 4pm and we started our date with a cup of coffee and casual conversation. Tim said that he was a bit nervous, but often just saying that can reduce the initial anxiety. Within minutes we both felt comfortable with each other. The conversation flowed easily. He was so charming; Tim has an absolutely lovely and positive happy personality.

Going on a date can be intimidating and overwhelming at first, but we just went with the 'flow' and everything went smoothly. Going on a date with me might be exactly the first step you need to gain confidence if you haven’t dated for a while, but feel ready to jump back into the dating game.

We went upstairs and things went really well! I don’t go into details about what happens between closed doors, but all I can say is that we let the sexual experience unfold naturally without expectations and everything turned out wonderful and we were both really happy! He felt relieved that everything worked – in fact worked better than he expected! We both truly had an AMAZING time!

Tim is a business owner and travels a lot for work. Next time, in about 2 weeks, he will be in another town not far from Sydney and I will be travelling to see him there. We are already planning our second date!

If you feel that you need to build up your confidence with dating, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be my absolute pleasure to meet you!

You can read more about my 'Intimacy Date' here if you like:

And when you are ready, you can arrange a date by filling out the booking form, thank you.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you one day for our own 'Intimacy / Sexual / Dating Coaching Date!'

Much Love, Heidi xx

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