Dating coaching success story

My work takes me to places well beyond just 'being a sex worker'. I am a friend, a ‘counsellor’, a dating coach, and sometimes a glamorous and fun ‘Dinner Date Companion’. I have found that there is a big demand for ‘listening’, and I often feel like a counsellor to my clients. I feel really privileged that my clients open up to me. Clients often feel they need someone who they can share their most inner thoughts with, whether it is about dating, relationship issues, going through separation, divorce, or health issues etc… Many clients feel better after talking to me and many return to see me. I would like to tell you about a dear client of mine who has been coming to see me on a regular basis for 2 hours at a time. This wonderful client sent me a message today with a photo of a block of land and text: “I could have not done it without you, darling”! He just purchased a block of land with his lovely fiancé and he could have not been happier! But he wasn’t always this happy… I met with him many many months ago. He felt he was not attractive, or smart or interesting enough to have a girlfriend. He was very shy and when I asked him, “What did you get up to on the weekend” – his answer was “I did a bit of washing…” and that was it. His social skills and conversational skills also needed some improving. So we started developing ‘him’ as a person. I believe every person needs to be happy with himself first, before he finds a partner. Over time, he found a job that he was happy with, he worked on finding hobbies that he liked, and even went on a holiday on his own. He felt complete on his own and that is when he felt he was ready to find a partner! We looked at his online profile, we talked about where to go and what to do… and after going on a few dates he eventually found the right person for him! Long story short… he is the happiest he has ever been and I am so very happy for him! He still comes to see me and has been one of my longest returning clients. I feel privileged and happy to have been able to help him find happiness! My ‘Dating Coaching’ sessions can be booked as part of any Incall, Outcall, or Dinner Date experience. Each session involves a combination of real life intimacy and informal chats about life, dating, relationships and sex. Heidi Rose xx

Heidi Rose

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