Letter to My First Time Intimacy / Sex / Dating Coaching Client

Hi There,

You might have been looking at my website for a while and curious about my Intimacy Coaching date and have perhaps been thinking about making a booking. I thought I’d say hello and tell you a little more about it.

When I started working in this industry I felt very privileged that, in addition to enjoying great intimacy with me, some gentlemen also opened up and talked about their private life. They wanted to be heard in a safe and informal environment. They enjoyed my companionship, and of course the magical sensual satisfaction that they so deeply desired. They felt very comfortable with me and became ‘returning clients’.

I have also been inspired by the many positive changes clients have achieved in their lives as their confidence has grown. Most of them have been able to successfully go a date with a potential girlfriend after just one meeting with me! Some return to me on a regular basis for more experience, and fun! A long term returning client recently got engaged! I so enjoyed his transformation, and his success made me feel great, happy and satisfied!

I find I am able to ‘tune in’ to the individual needs of my clients. You might benefit from our meeting if you are a single gentleman, successful in your chosen profession but for some reason feel you have not much luck with dating. Perhaps you feel a little shy or you’re just not sure how to instigate intimacy?

Or you might have been in a long-term relationship and found yourself newly single again. The only way to look is forward! If you are ready to start dating again but feel a little nervous about intimacy, if you are wondering, “Can I get it up for a real woman? Is it still working?”, then fear no more… I am here for you!

Regardless of your reason for booking a date, I will welcome you with a big smile and we will soon settle into some light informal chit chat, putting you at ease. When you’re ready, we’ll of course turn up the heat, slowly undress each other, and enjoy the deep physical connection of real life intimacy, in a variety of positions too!

I recommend a 5-Hour date for first time clients, perhaps on your day off, at the weekend or after work. If you don’t have that much time, some clients also book me for a shorter 2 or 3 hours.

We can even start our date with or delicious lunch/dinner if you like or in-room dining.

When you make a booking with me, we will play safe – everything we do is with protection. Under no circumstances will I provide ‘natural services’ of any kind, do drugs or tolerate clients on drugs. My clients actually choose me because they prefer to play safe too.

So if you are feeling ready, I am ready. I invite you to take that first step, take the plunge and let’s make it happen! Consider it an investment in yourself and wellbeing!

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers, Heidi xx