My Life in Sydney’s Lockdown

Hi guys,

How is everyone going in 'lockdown'? I am well most days, slowly adjusting to the new situation, trying to establish new daily routines, reaching out to friends who need help, and looking at the future in a hopeful and optimistic way.

I did, however, have a bit of anxiety the other day. I watched the movie on Netflix 'Pandemic' and read a bit about the 1918 Spanish flu... Probably wasn’t a real good idea! I felt a bit of anxiety and worry, until I thought 'no more, I must remain optimistic about the future!' Following the government guidelines, I feel I personally contribute to 'flattening the curve' and that is all I can do. Also, establishing daily routines help me achieve 'certain outcomes' in these uncertain times. I have been walking a lot more than normal, enjoying my bushwalking track in my 'backyard', preparing many healthy dishes that I normally don’t have time to make, and focusing more on my studies.   

I have also put my 'Miss Heidi Rose – 5 Star Luxury Escort Services' business into hibernation for the time being. I advertise in nearly all the major escort directory platforms in Australia, but I deleted all my accounts. Only this 'Scarlet Blue' profile will remain active during the Covid-19 pandemic, so I can keep in touch with my followers through blogs I will be posting here occasionally. I have also deleted most of my Twitter and Instagram content as it is no longer relevant. I also 'locked down' my website with password protection. I will re-open all these channels with relevant content when I return to work, hopefully in a few months or so. For my current social media followers, I will post a few funny or everyday photos here and there, perhaps pulling funny faces; but I will only keep those photos up for few hours or so, for a little bit of entertainment for myself and my followers.

Meanwhile, I am working at the back end of my website, which is currently not visible. I am deep down so excited about my comeback! I miss my clients, my work, my tours, and my wonderful lifestyle as a private escort… I am not sure when, but as soon as it is safe to do so, I will be returning!!

My plans are to continue to provide 'low volume' luxury escort services: 2, 3, 4, and 6-hour combinations of social and intimacy packages, all at 5 star locations. Low volume means that I see a very limited number of clients, providing to them my undivided attention, no-rush services (minimum time spent with me is: 2 hours) and most dates will start with a coffee, lunch or dinner with an emphasis on human connection, chats, and a sensual pleasant time. Guys who are drug users or wanting natural services (including natural oral) or hard-core porn-star experiences, stay far away from me and unfollow me please as I don’t cater for your tastes, we are not a 'match', thanks.

So how is everything going for you? How are you adjusting your life during these changes? Have you perhaps found new opportunities? Please feel free to flick me a text if you like. Until next time…

Heidi Rose

Cheers, Heidi xx

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