Stay safe and take care

Hi there,

It's Monday morning as I am writing this blog, and I am still adjusting the new way of living until everything returns to normal again.

I have received a few SMSes from lovely gentlemen and industry friends to see if I am okay. I think it is really nice to reach out to friends and family to make sure we are all coping and support each other.

I am very well. Yesterday I sent out a 'news and announcement' that I won’t be available for escort services until further notice. It is better for both of us if we catch up in a few months or so, when it is safe to do so. I will see the next few months as an opportunity to slow down a bit and do things that I normally don’t have time to do.

Since gyms won’t be open, this morning I went to Rebel Sport to buy a few things to do some exercise at home. They had many customers and said today is the last day they are open for a while. I bought a foam roller, it is great! I like stretching my upper back on it. I also bought a few colourful elastic bands to use in some exercises. I already have a yoga mat at home so now there is absolutely no excuse not to get into a home exercise routine! Daily walks along my local beach is also on my list, as well as shopping for veggies to prepare salads and other healthy dishes.

I have been attending Uni once a week in Sydney CBD for my personal interest, where I have been learning about Mental Health and Wellness. It is such an interesting subject! I didn’t realise that so many people suffer from anxiety, depression and social isolation. I have, however, noticed that clients who open up to me about their lives became regular returning clients. People need someone to talk to, they need understanding, acceptance and I feel really privileged when they open to me and tell me about their lives. In fact, it's those clients who have inspired me to also study counselling at Uni, part time. I will be reading my class notes at home from now on, and won’t be attending face-to-face classes.

Staying at home is also a great opportunity to do a big 'spring cleaning session'. How exciting! :-) I guess I can’t control what’s happening around me in the world, but I can control that I will clean out all drawers, including my sock drawer. LOL…

So for the time being, these are my plans. But hopefully soon, we can catch up again in person and share fun and happy times together.

That’s it for now! Take care, stay safe and I will be looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time when it is safe to do so.


Much Love, Heidi xx

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