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My Crossdressing Adventures With Heidi

Although born a man, I always knew I was a woman. I identify as a woman, I feel like a woman, but I had to suppress that most of my life to fit in and be accepted. I even had a family, where I was the man in the relationship. But I no longer suppress my feminine side! I embrace being a woman, I follow my heart, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! 

I often travel to Sydney to enjoy my life as Katherina. Being in a different city, I get complete freedom, both to dress up and be the real me in a new environment. I feel like a new person! 

I first got in touch with Heidi as a man for a dinner date. We had such a great connection that, when I got in touch with her the second time, I knew I could trust her and felt confident enough to tell her about being a woman, and about wanting to explore my feminine side more. So I told her about 'Katherina'. I even send her a few photos of me dressed as a woman, and asked her out on a date. I wanted it to be like two lesbian ladies, like two girlfriends going on a date, having fun dressing up, and exploring and enjoying female intimacy.  

I had been following Heidi for a while on Twitter and Instagram, and what attracted me to her is her sophisticated sense of style and passion for fashion. She is a truly feminine lady and I had a feeling that we were going to click. I was right! I like dressing up and arranging photoshoots too, so we already had a lot in common! 

She was so nice in her reply that I quickly arranged a date with her. She was very happy to see me when we met, even surprised me with some flowers and Champagne! From the first minute, we just hit it off. We danced, and dressed up, and just had an amazing time! I think she likes me even more when I am a lady!  

With her in private, there is this exhilarating exchange of feminine and masculine energy. When I feel more feminine, she becomes a bit more dominating or masculine. She even brings her BDSM toys when we meet and from time-to-time I enjoy being dominated by her. She knows exactly what's she’s doing, and can really tune-in to my energy, so that when we’re together we’re just in this beautiful flow, where I don't have to think or make decisions... it all just works beautifully for us! 

Heidi is simply incredible! She is truly supportive and accepts me for who I am. Not only accepts me, but likes me. We are just like two girlfriends now. She is my beautiful and wonderful companion. We arrange social outings, we go to dinners together and watch a show, we discover the latest bars in Sydney, and even go shopping together. I’m so glad to have found her!  

I now have a complete life as a man and as Katherina, and Heidi provides me with that safe space where I can reveal myself as a 'whole person'. Most people only know one side of me, which makes me feel guilty sometimes. But having someone like Heidi, who understands and knows me as both a man and woman, is a true gift. I treasure our friendship very much. We have a mutually beneficial escort-girlfriend relationship, and that just works wonderfully for us! 

 My advice to you, if you like crossdressing and if you also feel like being a woman, is to go ahead and fully embrace your feminine side. Explore it! You will have so much fun! You may even feel happier and more content with your life, as I do now – thanks to Heidi. 

- Katherina, Sydney

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