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SWA 12222 XE

Calendar & Upcoming Tours 

Launceston: 19-23 November 

Sydney CBD 5 Star Luxury Incall: 3-6 December 

Sydney CBD 5 Star Luxury Incall: 9-11 December 

  • ​Incall  bookings (I host the location) are limited to when I hire an incall location for a few days at a time in Sydney or when I am on tour. (I don't have a permanent incall).

  • I base myself in Sydney, near the Mosman / Manly area. From there I’m available for Outcall dates, when I can conveniently come to you. 

  • Perhaps you're a Sydney local who’d like to spend time with me for a few hours but can't host. All you need to do is book a nice hotel room and I will visit you exclusively in the privacy and comfort of your hotel.

16 Nov Sat Sydney Outcall

17 Nov Sun Sydney Outcall



18 Nov Mon Travel day to Launceston

19 Nov Tue Launceston Incall 8am - 9pm

20 Nov Wed Launceston Incall 8am - 9pm

21 Nov Thur Launceston Incall 8am - 9pm

22 Nov Fri Launceston Incall 8am - 9pm

23 Nov Sat Launceston Incall 8am - 9pm

24 Nov Sun Travel day to Sydney



25 Nov Mon Sydney Outcall

26 Nov Tue Not Available 

27 Nov Wed Sydney Outcall

28 Nov Thur Sydney Outcall

29 Nov Fri Sydney Outcall

30 Nov Sat Sydney Outcall

1 Dec Sun Sydney Outcall



2 Dec Mon Sydney Outcall

3 Dec Tue SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 3pm -9pm

4 Dec Wed SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 7am - 9pm

5 Dec Thur SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 7am - 9pm

6 Dec Fri SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 7am -5pm

7 Dec Sat Sydney Outcall

8 Dec Sun Sydney Outcall



9 Dec Mon SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 3pm -9pm

10 Dec Tue SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 7am - 9pm

11 Dec Wed SYD CBD 5 Star Incall 7am - 9pm

12 Dec Thur Not Available 

13 Dec Fri Not Available

14 Dec Sat Sydney Outcall

15 Dec Sun Sydney Outcall



16 Dec Mon Sydney Outcall

17 Dec Tue Sydney Outcall

18 Dec Wed Sydney Outcall

19 Dec Thur Not Available 

20 Dec Fri Sydney Outcall

21 Dec Sat Not Available

22 Dec Sun Not Available



23 Dec Mon Not Available

24 Dec Tue Not Available

25 Dec Wed Not Available

26 Dec Thur Not Available

27 Dec Fri Not Available

28 Dec Sat Not Available

29 Dec Sun Not Available



30 Dec Mon Not Available

31 Dec Tue Not Available