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I am an Australian citizen and I provide legal escort services. I work for myself; I am a sole trader. Running an escort services business is no different from any other businesses. I have an ABN number, an accountant and I pay my taxes. The photos on this website are real photos of me, Heidi Rose. I have my own website and social media accounts. I am also a verified member of the well-known Australian escort directory, Scarlet Blue – therefore you can be assured of my legitimacy.


Our meeting is private, and what happens between us will stay between us. I take your privacy seriously. Your phone number and the information you send me is confidential and for my eyes only. All details of our booking will be deleted immediately after our date. I also understand that some gentlemen prefer not to talk about their private life. When we meet I will keep the conversation light (hobbies, holidays) and will not ask any personal questions until you initiate our talking about more personal subjects. 


The deposit will demonstrate the genuineness of the booking as well as pay for my upfront expenses (such as hotel incall for example) that I will invest into our booking. After we had a chat on the phone and confirmed the exact booking details, I would like if you could pay the deposit within 10 minutes and SMS me the screenshot of the payment. Thanking you kindly for your understanding.


I am both an Australian and European citizen and I speak fluent English. I have completed a university degree in Sydney and lived half of my life in Australia. I have written the whole content of my website and all my blogs, but since English is my second language (fourth actually) I asked a local editor to quickly check the content for accuracy, as I still make small mistakes here and there. When we correspond via e-mail or SMS, you can expect a small mistake here and there, but that is normal for me.

On the other hand, you will love my sexy accent – I have been told it is very seductive. :-) 

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