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30 Jan Mon SYD CBD Incall (near QVB)

2pm - 9pm

31 Jan Tue SYD CBD Incall (near QVB)

10am - 9pm  



1 Feb Wed  SYD CBD Incall (near QVB) 

10am - 9pm 

2 Feb Thur SYD CBD Incall (near QVB) 

10am - 9pm 

3 Feb Fri Not Avail 

4 Feb Sat Not Avail 

5 Feb Sun Not Avail 

6 Feb Mon Not Avail 

7 Feb Tue Not Avail 

8 Feb Wed Not Avail 

9 Feb Thur Not Avail 

10 Feb Fri Not Avail 

11 Feb Sat Not Avail 

12 Feb Sun Not Avail 

13 Feb Mon Gosford 2pm - 7pm

14 Feb Tue Muswellbrook 2pm - 7pm

15 Feb Wed Tamworth 2pm - 7pm

16 Feb Thurs Singleton 2pm - 7pm 

17 Feb Fri Not Avail 

18 Feb Sat Not Avail 

19 Feb Sun Not Avail 


20 Feb Mon  SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

21 Feb Tue SYD Tue Booked Out 

22 Feb Wed SYD Wed Booked Out 

23 Feb Thurs SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

24 Feb Fri SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

25 Feb Sat Not Avail 

26 Feb Sun Not Avail 

27 Feb Mon TBA 

28 Feb Tue TBA 


1 March Wed TBA 

2 March Thur  TBA 

3 March Fri Not Avail 

4 March Sat Not Avail 

5 March Sun Not Avail 

6 March Mon Not Avail 

7 March Tue Not Avail 

8 March Wed Not Avail 

9 March Thur Not Avail 

10 March Fri Not Avail 

11 March Sat Not Avail 

12 March Sun Canberra 3pm - 7pm 

13 March Mon Canberra 12 noon - 7pm 

14 March Tue Canberra 12 noon - 7pm

15 March Wed Wagga Wagga 3pm - 7pm

16 Feb Thurs Wagga Wagga 12 noon - 7pm

17 March Fri Wagga Wagga 12 noon - 7pm 

18 March Sat  Wagga Wagga 12 noon - 7pm 

19 March Sun Not Avail


20 March Mon  SYD Booked Out 

21 March Tue SYD  SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

22 March Wed SYD SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

23 March Thurs SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

24 March Fri SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

25 March Sat Not Avail 

26 March Sun Not Avail 

27 March Mon TBA 

28 March Tue TBA

29 March Wed TBA 

30 March Thur Not Avail 

31 March Fri Not Avail 








I live in Sydney, but I don’t work from home.  I generally travel for work to different towns and cities around NSW, and occasionally other states too. 





SYD CBD Incall (Near QVB)   

When I am in Sydney, I occasionally book a high class incall location near the Queen Victoria Building, but only for few days here and there.  I designate this in my calendar as: 'SYD CBD Incall (near QVB)'.



SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice

* Outcall to your 5-star hotel or I can arrange a hotel booking with 24-48 hours' notice 

* 2-hour min booking 

When I am at home in Sydney, not touring, and when I don’t have a hotel booking, we might still be able to meet. However, I am not on standby for work, therefore I would need 24-48hrs notice minimum ideally, and a 2-hour minimum booking. I could meet you at your hotel, or I could book a day-use hotel exclusively for our date. This is marked as ‘SYD 2hrs min + 48hrs notice’ in my day-to-day calendar.


 Melbourne Tour -  December 2023  


I will be visiting Melbourne, in December 2023; and I will be available to catch up with you, if you like, for a minimum of 2-hour booking, though it would be even better if we could meet for a lunch or dinner date! I can’t wait! 


You might like to ask, why do we need to wait till December this year? Because from 1 December 2023, incall bookings will finally be allowed in the state of Victoria.  

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