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Client Testimonials



Heidi as the name sounds is soft, smooth and a complete babe, she just blew me off my feet, we did have one hell of a time, an amazing woman, she is hot, intellectual, graceful, loving and very playful. I am keen to meet Heidi again and spend those moments of love and happiness once again. Cheers


Meeting Heidi was nerve-racking, but when she opened the door, it seemed the world slipped away and it was just us, my nerves had vanished and she welcomed me with her gorgeous & infectious smile. This was within the first few minutes of meeting her. Enough said.
Whether its the engaging conversations, life advice, great intimacy or truly wonderful company she provides, you will not be disappointed in seeing this beautiful European blonde. I will definitely be seeing her again.


The best companionship I had in ages . She was absolutely humble from the time we met. No words to describe you dear. Worth every dime for the 5 hours I spent with her. Will definitely meet you again darling.


Thanks Heidi, that was awesome! I genuinely had a really great time with you. You are beautiful. FYI I'd date a girl like you in a second. Xxxx


I confess, this is my first ever escort testimonial, and it’s for the lady who took my virginity at age of 61! I am an Asian man who has been a hard working introvert and suffered social anxiety all my life. I have never been married and only ever had one girlfriend in my life (and that was about 20 years ago!). I always dreamt of having a blonde girlfriend and wife but never ever had any luck with dating. All my life I’ve been rejected by blonde women and, at age of 61, I found myself still single and a virgin. The idea of paying for a service never felt right to me, as I’d always believed that sex was for only after marriage. But I also thought, I don't want to die a virgin! That is when I started searching on Scarlet Blue... After all, what is money in the bank if you don't have anyone to enjoy it with?

Miss Heidi Rose's profile caught my eye. I loved her smiley profile photo in her gorgeous yellow dress. She just seemed so normal and nice, so I decided to contact her and invite her out on a ‘Dinner Date’. I booked the Sofitel hotel for us and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch at Darling Harbour. I was very nervous at meeting her but I was straight upfront about my situation. Heidi is an expert at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt I was also getting ‘social coaching’ and I enjoyed going out on a date with a beautiful woman.

When we returned to the hotel we just cuddled on the bed at first. It felt wonderful! I have been touch-deprived and I just enjoyed cuddling!!! I could cuddle Heidi for hours and hours! When I felt her smooth skin and first saw her breasts (the first bare breasts I had seen in 20 years!) I can't even tell how wonderful I felt! She is now helping me to ‘rewire’ my brain as I am a porn addict and I don’t get erect for a real woman. We are gradually working on it and I am enjoying every minute!

I now book Heidi on a regular basis, about every two weeks for a dinner date. She has even helped me with my wardrobe! We went shopping together for ‘cool clothes’, and we also went on two short holidays together. We have another planned for September this year.

Deciding to meet Heidi was the best thing I have ever done! I feel really happy, I feel like I’m 25 years old! She likes mucking around and having fun. We are just like two young people when we are together! Heidi is just an absolutely wonderful woman and a great social companion / friend. You only live once, so go on and enjoy it! This is my real life story, though I have changed my name to protect my privacy.


She was the first escort I've been with and she made me comfortable. I meet her on her recent trip to Hobart and her profile really caught my eye. I'm looking forward to meeting her again.


I saw Heidi for a "Dating Coaching" session in Sydney. From the very first SMS her communication was excellent, clear and friendly and this continued once I finally got to meet her. The actual session involved a lot of chatting and cuddling about what I was looking for in a relationship. Her advice was really well thought out and it was clear that she had done plenty of research on dating and psychology. Throughout the session we continued to chat and cuddle and became increasingly intimate which ended in an explosive finish. Overall, it was a great experience, nothing like I have experienced with any other escort and I would definitely recommend making time to see Heidi.


I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Heidi Rose during her recent trip to Hobart. I found Heidi’s Scarlet Blue profile a while ago, she just seemed so different and her profile stood out – a gorgeous European with a pretty smile.
I knew I would have to meet Heidi one day when she visited a city near me, so I subscribed to her tour updates on Scarlet Blue. I was so excited when I received an e-mail notification that Heidi was coming to Hobart!


I booked her for 2-hours.I had been waiting to meet Heidi for so long and I was very nervous. Heidi was so happy to see me and she greeted me in her red dress – the same one she wears in her profile pictures. I found Heidi very easy to talk to and we chatted for a while. Heidi’s cute accent was so arousing, it quickly made me very hard. I won’t go into all the details about our encounter since I respect Heidi’s privacy – I will just say “Heidi, you are amazing, a wonderful woman inside and out, and I can’t wait until you return to Hobart!


I have been seeing Heidi in Sydney for approximately once a month for two hours ever since she started in the industry. I am so happy with her that I don't see other girls, I just don't need to. She satisfies all of my needs and desires. She is the sexiest woman I have ever been with and over time she has become a wonderful friend to me. I am hoping to see her for a very long time. She is just the absolute best in my eyes!

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